Poludnitsa and Alkonosta

Art and Faith discuss some polish monsters that are not slut shamed.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Poludnitsa, Alkonosta Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and In...View Details


Art thirsts with  Fiona (yesthatfiona.com) over a tall lady ghost Cryptid(s) discussed: Hachishakusama Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  Su...View Details

Christmas Monsters 2021

Perry (This is My Bourbon Podcast) joins Art in discussing some Christmas monsters. Cryptid discussed: Jólakötturinn and Hans Trapp Art by @avaindalek...View Details


Fiona tells Art about a small man that wants you out of his house.    Cryptids discussed: Redcap Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  Support ...View Details

Gwragedd Annwn

Fiona (Burnyourfeelings.com) tells Jessie gossip about some Welsh Fae.    Cryptids discussed: Gwragedd Annwn Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagr...View Details

Latawica and Poroniec

Jessie gabs with  Fiona (yesthatfiona.com) about some cops, true crime and misogynistic monsters.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Latawica and Poroniec Art by ...View Details

Oil Pit Squid

Jessie tells Fiona (Burnyourfeelings.com) about a toxic little guy.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Oil Pit Squid Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  ...View Details

Kitchen Ghost Items

Jessie and Violet (Today's Lucky Winner) are scared to go into their kitchens.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Yama Oroshi, Shirouneri & Seto taishō,  Art ...View Details


Jessie and Brianne (Today's Lucky Winner) sit by some waterways coyly.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Rusalki Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  Sup...View Details

Potosi Sheep Slayer

Jessie herds some sheep that will have an unfortunate end over by Fiona (Burnyourfeelings.com).  Cryptid(s) discussed: Potosi Sheep Slayer Art by @ava...View Details

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