Aderynn Y Corph

Fiona ( and special guest Gemma talks about the best cryptid a hospice could have. Cryptids discussed: Aderynn Y Corph Art by @av...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a ghost monkey that wants friends and will babysit your kids if you suck at parenting.   Crypt...View Details

For Womb The Bell Tolls

This is an episode of Everything Is Awful Forever (a comedy history podcast about the macabre side of history) for Operation Switcheroo. SO APIRL FOOL...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a person asking you Why so serious.   Cryptids discussed: Kuchisake-Onna Art by @avaindalek on...View Details

Morowa Dziewica

Fiona ( and Agata join Jessie in discussing a plague herald blamed on a woman.   Cryptids discussed: Morowa Dziewica Art by @avai...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a shapeshifting pay pig.   Cryptids discussed: Amikuk Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instag...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a big, mean skeleton.  Cryptids discussed: Gashadokuro Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Insta...View Details


Jess (Femme De Tale podcast) joins Fiona ( and Jessie in discussing a vore frog.  Cryptids discussed: Yara-ma-yha-who Art by @ava...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a ghost whale that is all bones.  Cryptids discussed: Bake-Kujira Art by @avaindalek on Twitte...View Details

Christmas Monsters 2020

Perry (This is Your Bourbon Podcast ) joins Jessie in discussing some Christmas monsters. Cryptids discussed: The Kallikantzaros and Père Fouettard Ar...View Details

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