Jessie and Brianne (Today's Lucky Winner) sit by some waterways coyly.  Cryptid(s) discussed: Rusalki Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  Sup...View Details

Potosi Sheep Slayer

Jessie herds some sheep that will have an unfortunate end over by Fiona (  Cryptid(s) discussed: Potosi Sheep Slayer Art by @ava...View Details

Teke Teke

Jessie tries to sell this ghost that lacks legs to Fiona (  Cryptids discussed: Teke Teke Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Inst...View Details

Indrid Cold

Fiona ( is creeped out by a smiling man. Caroline ( seems to find him okay. Cryptids discussed: Indrid ...View Details


Fiona ( tells Jessie that there are bulls with firey poops.    Cryptids discussed: Bonnacon Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Ins...View Details


Fiona ( reveals the truth about some Russian aliens to Rob.    Cryptids discussed: Voronezh Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Ins...View Details

Sea Swine

Fiona ( regales a returning Jessie about sea piggies  Cryptids discussed: Sea Swine Art by @avaindalek on Twitter and Instagram  ...View Details


Fiona ( and special guest Anderson talk about a horse man who gets you lost in the wood and has some instructions on how to "tame...View Details

Aderynn Y Corph

Fiona ( and special guest Gemma talks about the best cryptid a hospice could have. Cryptids discussed: Aderynn Y Corph Art by @av...View Details


Fiona ( joins Jessie in discussing a ghost monkey that wants friends and will babysit your kids if you suck at parenting.   Crypt...View Details

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